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Counseling Play Therapy Dr Bia Lima

DOUG'S PARENTS LOVED HIM IMMENSELY. For some reason, however,  Doug wasn't quite sure of it. When Doug came to me he was a shy and anxious little boy who had gotten into the habit of pulling his own hair. Doug was the middle child of a family with three boys. His parents had a very busy lifestyle, and I sensed it might have been hard for him to get one-on-one attention at home. Doug was presenting low self-esteem, anxiety, insecurity, and fear; to cope he sought exclusive attention by behaving badly. This created a negative cycle: behaving badly resulted in punishment, reinforcing his fear of not being loved or wanted. Doug's parents were concerned and didn't know what to do.

During our sessions, Doug found a safe and neutral space to express his feelings, emotions, and work through his fears and anxiety. He looked forward to our moments together. By creating an environment of unconditional acceptance and undivided attention, Doug began to feel heard, accepted, and important. 

As a result, he started to gain confidence, feel more at peace, and feel happier - results that expanded beyond our therapy room. Within months he had stopped pulling his hair, was overcoming his fears and anxiety, relating better with his brothers, and presenting better overall behavior.

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