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From the Source

"Thank you, Dr. Lima! We are so happy to see our daughter back to her normal self. God bless you for all the help."

Parents of a 15-year-old client

"Thank you so much Bia, for all you did in helping my daughter.  I am so grateful to you because you helped her weed through all of the confusion. That is where her strength journey began - with you."

Mother of an 18-year-old client

"I am so blessed to have Dr. Lima as my therapist. I have been to many and she is, by far, the best. Dr. Lima is very professional and educated. I have grown so much as an individual with Dr. Lima's help.

Thank you so much!"

Adult Client

"You have helped me so much. God guided me to the right person. You're just the best. ❤️"

Adult Client

"Thank you for everything. I thought this [family therapy] was going to be a much slower process, but I'm so blessed to see the fruits it has brought to our family. Thank you!"

Father of a family (Family Therapy)

"I never would have thought therapy would help me so much. I'm very appreciative of your expertise and your education and how God uses you to help others. You have been a great help to me!"

Adult Client

"Thank you for all your insight and spiritual wisdom. I thank the Lord for your work and ministry to others. God has definitely given you so many gifts. You have helped me so much."

Adult Client

"I feel like God really played a part in me finding you as a therapist. I never felt comfortable before with anyone as I did with you so I'm grateful for that."

Young Adult

"Dr. Lima has really helped bringing our family together. She was insightful and had the ability to understand, connect, and interact with each one of us, helping us to heal and grow as a family."

Parent of a family (Family Therapy)

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