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Child Counseling Destin Dr Bia Lima


WHEN I FIRST MET GEORGE, I WAS DELIGHTED WITH HOW SMART, INSIGHTFUL, AND POLITE HE WAS. Yet, when his parents brought him to me, they were concerned about his social skills and other behaviors which they referred to as possible OCD inclinations. They shared that George had a tendency for avoiding risks, had difficulty making friends, and showed an over-concern for following the rules exactly. There were clear indicators something was amiss, including George's inability to be fully potty trained, even at the age of 4. George's parents often felt bad they couldn't be more available to help their son.

With a couple parenting sessions they replaced their feelings of guilt with empowerment and were working on making changes together.

George throughly enjoyed our sessions together (especially playing with paint) and very soon learned to relax, express his feelings, let go of his tension, and allowed himself to get messy having a good time. After a few months of play therapy, changes were noticed not only by me, but also at home and at school. He successfully conquered potty training. George became more easy-going, happier, and more resilient - able to better cope in different situations and cultivate closer interactions with his peers.

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